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You can search using either a gene name, Ensembl identifier (from ) or Naked Mole-Rat sequence ID

For more detailed queries you can use boolean (AND, OR, NOT), wildcard (*) and range searches ([1 TO 2]). You can also search for specific terms by grouping them in quotes e.g. "growth hormone". Certain fields are also available for more detailed filtering: ka_ks_ratio, cdna_percentage and protein_percentage. These can be used by following the structure of the next example: ka_ks_ratio:[0.75 TO 0.8] or protein_percentage:98. When using filters wildcards are required to get partial matches.

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Identifier Type Matches
XM_004874244.1 Coding sequence
LOC101708686 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874237.1 Coding sequence
LOC101706775 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874232.1 Coding sequence
LOC101705686 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874230.1 Coding sequence
Egln2 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874225.1 Coding sequence
Itpkc (NCBI Annotation)
ITPKC (Guinea pig)
ITPKC (Human)
Itpkc (Mouse)
Itpkc (Rat)
XM_004874218.1 Coding sequence
Mia (NCBI Annotation)
ENSCPOG00000024101 (Guinea pig)
Mia (Rat)
XM_004874213.1 Coding sequence
Ltbp4 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874211.1 Coding sequence
Ltbp4 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874206.1 Coding sequence
Sptbn4 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874199.1 Coding sequence
Prx (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874194.1 Coding sequence
Prx (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874187.1 Coding sequence
LOC101723030 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874182.1 Coding sequence
Akt2 (NCBI Annotation)
AKT2 (Guinea pig)
AKT2 (Human)
Akt2 (Mouse)
XM_004874180.1 Coding sequence
Akt2 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874175.1 Coding sequence
Akt2 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874167.1 Coding sequence
Fcgbp (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874162.1 Coding sequence
Dyrk1b (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874160.1 Coding sequence
Dyrk1b (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874155.1 Coding sequence
Hexb (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874148.1 Coding sequence
Enc1 (NCBI Annotation)
ENC1 (Guinea pig)
ENC1 (Human)
Enc1 (Mouse)
Enc1 (Rat)
XM_004874143.1 Coding sequence
Gfm2 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874141.1 Coding sequence
Gfm2 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874136.1 Coding sequence
LOC101705427 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874129.1 Coding sequence
LOC101702224 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874124.1 Coding sequence
Mtmr1 (NCBI Annotation)
MTMR1 (Guinea pig)
MTMR1 (Human)
Mtmr1 (Mouse)
Mtmr1 (Rat)