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You can search using either a gene name, Ensembl identifier (from ) or Naked Mole-Rat sequence ID

For more detailed queries you can use boolean (AND, OR, NOT), wildcard (*) and range searches ([1 TO 2]). You can also search for specific terms by grouping them in quotes e.g. "growth hormone". Certain fields are also available for more detailed filtering: ka_ks_ratio, cdna_percentage and protein_percentage. These can be used by following the structure of the next example: ka_ks_ratio:[0.75 TO 0.8] or protein_percentage:98. When using filters wildcards are required to get partial matches.

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Identifier Type Matches
XM_004874615.1 Coding sequence
Fyn (NCBI Annotation)
FYN (Guinea pig)
FYN (Human)
Fyn (Mouse)
Fyn (Rat)
XM_004874610.1 Coding sequence
Spock3 (NCBI Annotation)
SPOCK3 (Guinea pig)
SPOCK3 (Human)
Spock3 (Mouse)
Spock3 (Rat)
XM_004874608.1 Coding sequence
Spock3 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874603.1 Coding sequence
Cul4b (NCBI Annotation)
CUL4B (Guinea pig)
CUL4B (Human)
Cul4b (Mouse)
Cul4b (Rat)
XM_004874596.1 Coding sequence
Tmem255a (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874591.1 Coding sequence
Exosc3 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874589.1 Coding sequence
Trmt10b (NCBI Annotation)
ENSCPOG00000008629 (Guinea pig)
XM_004874584.1 Coding sequence
Tomm5 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874577.1 Coding sequence
Grhpr (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874572.1 Coding sequence
Zcchc7 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874569.1 Coding sequence
Pax5 (NCBI Annotation)
PAX5 (Guinea pig)
PAX5 (Human)
Pax5 (Mouse)
Pax5 (Rat)
XM_004874564.1 Coding sequence
LOC101697149 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874557.1 Coding sequence
Tulp4 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874552.1 Coding sequence
Tmem181 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874545.1 Coding sequence
Rsph3 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004921226.1 Coding sequence
unclassified transcription discrepancy (NCBI Annotation)
FAM170B (Guinea pig)
FAM170B (Human)
Fam170b (Mouse)
Fam170b (Rat)
XM_004874539.1 Coding sequence
Parg (NCBI Annotation)
PARG (Guinea pig)
PARG (Human)
Parg (Mouse)
Parg (Rat)
XM_004874534.1 Coding sequence
Wdfy4 (NCBI Annotation)
WDFY4 (Guinea pig)
WDFY4 (Human)
Wdfy4 (Mouse)
Wdfy4 (Rat)
XM_004874527.1 Coding sequence
Chat (NCBI Annotation)
CHAT (Guinea pig)
CHAT (Human)
Chat (Mouse)
Chat (Rat)
XM_004874522.1 Coding sequence
Ogdhl (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874520.1 Coding sequence
Ogdhl (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874515.1 Coding sequence
Ncoa4 (NCBI Annotation)
NCOA4 (Guinea pig)
NCOA4 (Human)
Ncoa4 (Rat)
XM_004874508.1 Coding sequence
LOC101705061 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874503.1 Coding sequence
LOC101701874 (NCBI Annotation)
XM_004874496.1 Coding sequence
Ei24 (NCBI Annotation)