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Gene Symbol Gphb5
Gene Name glycoprotein hormone beta 5
Entrez Gene ID 101712660

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Part of NW_004624734.1 (Scaffold)

For more information consult the page for NW_004624734.1 (Scaffold)

Potential Gene Matches

The following genes have been identified as possible homologs of the naked mole-rat gene and compared to it.

ENSCPOG00000015248 (Guinea pig)

Gene Details

Uncharacterized protein

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Gene Match (Ensembl Protein ID: ENSCPOP00000013744, Guinea pig)

Protein Percentage 83.85%
CDS Percentage 88.72%
Ka/Ks Ratio 0.24257 (Ka = 0.0788, Ks = 0.3251)

Gphb5 ENSMUSG00000048982 (Mouse)

Gene Details

glycoprotein hormone beta 5

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Gene Match (Ensembl Protein ID: ENSMUSP00000061488, Mouse)

Protein Percentage 83.08%
CDS Percentage 85.38%
Ka/Ks Ratio 0.15458 (Ka = 0.0843, Ks = 0.5451)

Gphb5 ENSRNOG00000021885 (Rat)

Gene Details

glycoprotein hormone beta 5 (Gphb5), mRNA

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Gene Match (Ensembl Protein ID: ENSRNOP00000033047, Rat)

Protein Percentage 82.95%
CDS Percentage 85.27%
Ka/Ks Ratio 0.15684 (Ka = 0.0851, Ks = 0.5428)

Genome Location

Sequence Coding sequence

Length: 393 bp    Location: 37720679..37725352   Strand: +

Related Sequences

XP_004837482.1 Protein

Gphb5 PREDICTED: glycoprotein hormone beta-5 [Heterocephalus glaber]

Length: 130 aa